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Howard Phillips, half orc Warlock Empty Howard Phillips, half orc Warlock

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:54 am

This is a work in progress, I will update it soon enough

Hello there, my name is Howard Phillips, and yes as a warlock my power comes from someone else in the world. Well, at least someone else for my pact master has no home world or plane for that matter. If you wish I can tell all sorts of tales of his immense power. For now, a small sample of him will suffice. My master used to call the world of Faskal home until he saw the truth of the existence and ascended into an even greater power than we mortals can even fathom. As he acquired the "Forever Stone" from this guild, to use as his phylactery to stay immortal and continue his search for the lore to which no one should know, he has requested I join them as well. Not just as a show of gratitude from him but also as a teaching tool for me. I seek to gain as much lore of the ancient ones as possible and acquire relics from their time, even if it cost me my life or sanity. For one only truly sees the world for what it really is once they have a slight touch of insanity.

I will not elaborate on what power my master can wield for I do not fully understand it myself. But I know that the fraction of this power he grants me is more than enough to vanquish any threat in my way. This power is only fully recognized by those not all the way attached to this world and its way of thinking. Once that fact sinks in more with an individual I can begin to share this knowledge with them. Specifics to my power will not be disclosed to those reading this, for I know you not well enough to trust such information to others yet.

When it comes to my upbringing, I remember nothing of my family. For my mind has been washed clean by the lore and knowledge my master bestowed upon me in my years as a sage/scholar of all non-relevant information. For any and all space left open in the mind has the ability to gain any power as long as there is space for it to be stored. Some say when one stats to lose their grip on the world around them they were to free up enough space to see all for what it really is, this is my goal. To one day see the world, neigh all that is/was/and everyone will be for what they really are. Nothing

On top of this, I am also the headmaster of the guild. I will post new quest on the wanted board as well as accompany parties on extremely dangerous quest to ensure the safety of my guildmates. I view all of you as my students and equals, it is a balancing act but I think it leads to the best results to our future.

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