Abandoned Church on the Hill

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Abandoned Church on the Hill Empty Abandoned Church on the Hill

Post by VtBAMF on Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:25 pm

Successful first adventure in my new faction of The Espial Core. Killed stuff, found loot, and saved the blacksmith's daughter.

Adventure summary:

Met fellow faction members, Thorghrim and Harry, to accompany me on this quest. Started out eating a fine hardy breakfast when the blacksmith ran in asking for help. The helpful and capable gents we were, we rushed off to aid him in returning his daughter. Our meals were paid for by the establishment for our heroic intent.

We took a 2 hour trek north west, more west than north, over a hill and around a bear to what seemed like a goblin hideout in a church. We defeated the goblin guards outside the door and a small scout party and headed in. We sneaked in, cleared out the first room, barricaded the next hallway, and took a short rest. After healing up we head into what looked like a prayer room from the previous owners. There stood the big baddy performing a ritual to cleanse the church of the previous god that was worshiped there to worship a new one. We slung some spells, let loose arrows, swung swords, and threw fists. Easy peasy took the lot down and saved the daughter.

Harry Underfoot took an oath to follow in the footsteps of Foos, Fus? Fuus? Foss?....whoever, which opened up a hidden path. Not knowing of the dangers that were ahead, we headed back to Whalesview to return the daughter and took a long rest. Feeling replenished with new found skills, we headed back to the church to see what was in the secret room. Harry went first passing through a field of something with ease. Thorghrim was next, not being an oath member like Harry, and gets stuck in a gelatinous cube. We eventually got out of it and proceeded forward. Harry, being curious, opened up a coffin and let loose fallen followers of the church. The leader, Sextus Various, had some shiny stuff we wanted so we fell the enemies with some struggle and managed to get the loot. Our path home was now blocked by the previous gelatinous cube. We took a few moments to hack it down to a puddle and headed back to town with our well earned treasure.

I also failed so hard (rolled 2 natural 1s in a row for attack) that my second arrow split my first arrow when I missed my targets. Now I keep the arrow in the arrow as a trophy to remember my first time out as a part of The Espial Core.

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Abandoned Church on the Hill Empty Re: Abandoned Church on the Hill

Post by Treywalston on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:57 pm

It was nice to get out and stretch my legs. No goblin in their right mind would kidnap a Dawi. We managed to rescue the blacksmith's daughter from those idiot goblins. That was straight forward enough. The strange thing was the ritual the goblins were trying to perform, but....whatever! Underfoot was a fool to take that oath. It may have caused a door to open for us but at what cost. Lets recap:
 1) We almost died to a Jello cube.
 2) We almost died to skeletons.
 3) We got some minor loot.
 4) Underfoot now has some serious issues.

Just wonderful...Glad I didn't speak the oath....moron


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