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Year of Creation
Year 0 – world is born

Year 9 – sea deity is formed, cloud deity is formed

Year 47 – the other deities are born and begin to populate the world with lesser beings

Year 78 – Cities and culture begin to form as the Deities being to stop interfering with the world and let it be

Year 112 – People begin to hate the gods for leaving as the world begins to populate with monsters and other troubles begin

Year 223 – The Orcs begin a war against everyone so they can rule the world in an attempted bring back their deities

Year 583 – Dwarfs flood the above world to end the war

Year 594 – The Gods decide to slumber/leave/pull away from the world they watch over for fear they caused the devastating war to happen nearly killing the world.

Age of the Phynix
Year 603 – The world is fully inhabited again

Year 1 – First day in post flooded world

Year 93 – Espial Core is formed and the adventures begin


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