Goblin Lair, Cast Iron Tooth's Raiders

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Goblin Lair, Cast Iron Tooth's Raiders Empty Goblin Lair, Cast Iron Tooth's Raiders

Post by Sorlac on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:47 pm

Our adventure begins with the hunt for Cast Iron Tooth and clearing out of the Orc's raiders. We vaguely remember the path to the Goblin Lair but along the path we noticed a bear feasting on a fallen Dwarf. Drag markings from the dead body lead us closer to the right direction, but it wasn't until a brief encounter with a goblin scouting party, did we found the camp.

Our initial plan of attack was to charge in and kill the goblins. Our plan could have been better. We alerted the entire camp with our "surprise" attack. After fighting the group of goblins outside, we made our way into the cave to face Cast Iron Tooth.

Our newest party member, Crussell, left before entering the cave. Feeling brave we entered a dark filled cave with waiting goblins. We were surrounded. With some quick thinking, I made the sound of a battle horns and reinforcements waiting outside. The goblins did not hesitate to challenge the approaching army as we focused our gaze to their leader.

Standing strong, I challenged him to a 1 vs 1 battle. Iron Tooth accepted, casting aside his battle ax. His strength was overwhelming. While we were locked in a grapple, the Elf and Kobold attacked Iron Tooth. In a rage Iron Tooth got the upper hand and knocked me unconscious. When i awoke, Iron Tooth was dead.

Within a chest we found a large amount of gold and some letters with unsettling informing. There is a spy among Whalesview and they are watching us.

*Sneaky Pete*


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Goblin Lair, Cast Iron Tooth's Raiders Empty Re: Goblin Lair, Cast Iron Tooth's Raiders

Post by Kitalla on Sun Feb 26, 2017 12:10 am

Looks like we're off to the goblins. We found this druid that wanted revenge on the little creatures... something about them burning down his crops. I can understand the anger. Crussle Rowe is his name and he really doesn't seem to care about anything... strange.

We found a bear... it was eating a dwarf. I really wanted to kill it -have you ever actually had bear meat stew?!- but it seems no one else shared my enthusiasm for such a meal, so we just waltzed around him.

Pete has lead us right up a hill where we've come face to face with a goblin scouting party! I'm ready to destroy some little buggers so I run in sword drawn to smack them in the face with my mighty strength.

Ok, bad idea. I'm hurt bad... but it looks like everyone else is pretty capable of killing these little buggers. I've managed to kill one of the four and the others are dropping like flies.
There's a camp at the bottom of the hill, and the Crussle healed me for the low low price of 2 gold! Greedy half-elf... at least I'm all better.

Pete informs us there's a good 14-ish goblins outside their cave down there... I'm sure they've noticed us by now... we're going to try to pick them off here and there as we come down to invade this lair.

We've killed them... all but one. He's already made it into the cave and I'm sure that he's warning this "Cast Iron Tooth" of our presence and intentions. As we loot the bodies out here, there doesn't seem to be much for me out here... but it seems the others found some useful things.

Crussle is ditching us... they know we're here and this druid just decides he's had enough and just walks away! Now we're down a man and against an unknown number in their own home... great.
This is a slaughter! Us or them, there's no other way... the fighting seems to be lasting forever and I'm taking them down as fast as I can with my bow. Cast Iron hits hard... I'm alive... barely.

I don't remember what all happened, but there was a fight. I did some good damage to that armored Orc while the sorcerer fell unconscious and Zeb hid in the shadows. I almost died!!! I'm not sure what killed Cast Iron Tooth, but I came to safe and sound in the cave. This axe is amazing... and the loot we can bring back for the Guild is amazing! I can probably sell off this axe too... nice!


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