Escape Captivity *Slave Day*

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Escape Captivity *Slave Day* Empty Escape Captivity *Slave Day*

Post by Sorlac on Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:40 pm

The day begins behind locked bars, captured by Dwarven Slavers. Cages filled with other humanoids. Come night fall the Dwarven encampment was raided by Orcs and Goblins. Something unlocked my cage during the commotion.

The Orcs and Goblins battled against the Dwarfs. They paid little attention to those of us in cages however, some of the captives were...not so lucky.

I slipped through and located my gear. At the same time, I encountered a Sturdy Elf Ranger(Willow) and Seemingly Harmless Kobold(Zeb). The two made their escape as I followed. With a days pass, we arrived at Whalesview.

While in Whalesview I located a Valthron's Tower and spoke with an old sage of The Harpers: Valthron. He informed me of Shadowcast Keep about a days travel North East of Whalesview. The keep itself has long been abandon since the days of the Great Flood. Recently, the keep has been giving him an uneasy feeling.

Being a member of The Harpers as well, Valthron inquired about my means of income. Convincing him I am a somewhat entertainer, I have seemed to have impressed him with some magic tricks. He offered a favor in return for the entertainment.

Later that day, Valthron and the Lord of Whalesview joined us the local tavern. He some how convinced the Lord of Whalesview to hand over the deed to an old warriors guild: Espial Core.

*Sneaky Pete*


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Escape Captivity *Slave Day* Empty Re: Escape Captivity *Slave Day*

Post by Kitalla on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:49 pm

I was out looking for any trace of my old friend... when I wake up in this cage. Dwarves are everywhere and others, common folk and even Zeb, are in the cages as well. Everything, all my gear, is missing and I've been given some lovely prison rags. *gag* I can only see a few chests and a tent. These guys seem to be setting up camp for the night. Looks like I'm going to have to get outta here! I wonder if I can bend these bars...

Success! But it was so loud they caught on quick and man, their clubs hurt. I'm going to be sporting that mark a while... wait... whats that commotion... orcs? goblins? They haven't closed the cage yet, this is my chance! I'll dash out to this nearest chest and see if I can find my things.
It looks like they have some orc leader... he's big... with some iron helmet that curves around his face to form a tooth on one side. One hit from him... one headbutt and he's killed a dwarf... I need to leave, this is just dangerous.

Thank goodness, my armor, my weapons... even little Sp-hare is still alive and well! I managed to get my hands on Zeb's armor too and I see he's worked his way towards me unseen. We should figure out what is in that tent. *motions to Zeb to check it out* I'll just sneak around the side.

Oh hello there... a ... sorcerer? Strange... he better not take my stuff. I'll just keep an eye on him. These dwarves and goblins are completely focused on each other, its time to leave. Zeb get out of the tent, we are leaving now! I'll just tell him I'm out. As I peek in it seems that he's in his happy place pillaging and oh, he picked up a map... that should be useful. I'll leave him to it but I'm not dying here! There's some bushes off away from the camp, I'm making a run for it.

I'm joined shortly by this sorcerer and Zeb. We need to find out where we are. We'll have to travel back to Whalesview as fast as we can! Looks like we make camp just outside the city. Its strange how there's nothing out here attacking besides those goblins...

Safe in Whalesview again, Zeb has gone off to the markets to find "shinies" and I'm off to the Grand Shoppe! I think that sorcerer walked off towards the mage tower, but I'm not certain.
As I meander through the town I pass the markets where Delphina is running ecstatically out of the market. Odd, she normally sells her wildflowers all day to make her living... I suppose luck turned in her favor today! I'll just see if there's anything interesting to buy for myself.

Well, Bairwins is a bust, no new or helpful items and the guy is a total drag. I'll have to go to the inn and talk to Salvana Warfton about hints on my friend Douven. She's such a pleasent human.
I've learned that the "go to" for gossip in this city is an old farmer named Eilian. He's at the INN every night and loves to talk... especially about the history of Whalesview. Seems he lives just down the road from the main city and talked to Douven a few days ago! Finally a lead!

There's this burial site south west of the city, you just follow the lakeside until you find a big patch of long grass near the shore. Supposedly there were dragon bones there or maybe it was a keep, either way there's quite a bit of history unknown there.

As I look around I see Zeb and Pete coming into the Inn. I flag them over so we can sit with some drinks and I can tell them of the burial site! Looks like they've picked up some good information as well. Zeb found out about the goblins that attacked. Seems that they have a cave somewhere near where we escaped the Dwarves. Pete has also learned of a Keep that could provide an interesting adventure later on. Something about an "unnerving feeling." I'm not sure... its like he feels some bad vibe from it.


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