Qaleteqa, the half-orc fighter

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Qaleteqa, the half-orc fighter Empty Qaleteqa, the half-orc fighter

Post by TKtheLAW on Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:50 pm

Height: 6'5"
Description: Darkish greyish blue skin with tattoos symbolizing nature across his chest and arms. Blue eyes. Long black hair usually in a pony tail. Muscular but toned body type.

Background: Born to a human father and orc mother, Qal was raised under the love and care of his family in a mountain forest village. Due to his orc heritage the rest of the village could never fully treat him as one of their own. Despite this, Qal grew up kind and gentle due to his mother teaching him that the villagers did not understand and that he must take responsibility for himself. From a young age his father trained him to use a sword and shield for those allowed him to protect his allies. His mother taught him how to best use his orc strength and build to his advantage. As Qal protected the village and assisted the them they were finally able to see that he was not there to harm but to protect. When he came of age at 14, Qal wanted to set out and see the world and better understand the people and creatures inhabiting it.

Qaleteqa, the half-orc fighter Half_o10


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