The Wild Sheep Chase

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The Wild Sheep Chase Empty The Wild Sheep Chase

Post by VtBAMF on Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:52 pm

After we helped Bellgrave with their wolf problem, they wanted us to find their wizard. He's been missing for two years now.

We left for the woods where the wand incident occurred. a Sheep by the name of Tom walked up to Sneaky Pete and handed him a scroll of Talk With Animals. Tom was is the most powerful wizard in the world and was tricked by Bellgrave's wizard. Bellgrave's wizard stole Tom's Wand of True Polymorph and used it against him. Some thugs came looking for Tom but we disposed of them quickly. Apparently the rogue wizard took residence in Tom's vacation home next to the lake.

We arrived at the vacation home ready to take on the crazed wizard. I disguised myself as one of the thugs and escorted Tom to the wizard to get in close enough to grab back the wand. The crazed wizard turned furniture into dragons which came after us. After a couple minutes of fumbling, i grabbed the wand and morphed Tom back, restoring his powers, and he defeated the wizard.

We got back to Bellgrave for a reward and went back to Whalesview. Tom gave us a quest of his own for us to do, something about a Forever Stone and a Mine of Madness? Wherever adventure is i will follow...just hope nothing serious happens...


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The Wild Sheep Chase Empty Re: The Wild Sheep Chase

Post by Kitalla on Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:01 am

We have encountered a sheep with a monocle… anything can happen. Turns out he says that he is the most powerful wizard in the world who happened to let his guard down. He found the town's wizard sitting in a field because his last experiment blew up in his face and gave wolves magic. He is taking up residence in Tom's vacation house as we speak. How is this fantastic wizard a sheep now? He apparently insulted the town's wizard and had a wand of true polymorph turned on him which made him a sheep. It looks like the wizard may be turning others into animals as well to hunt down this "sheep".
Oh joy, a half-orc with some lackeys want Tom in exchange for some gold. Great, the most powerful wizard was just handed over to thugs for a mere pouch of gold! Fred has punched the wolf holding our little sheep friend and I'll shoot him dead. Bye bye, wolf! We've killed everyone including the half-orc but there was a bear in the back wearing a cape and now he's on top of Pete, thankfully he's quick and was able to slide out from under and the bear is done for!
We know where this vacation house is and we have to get to that wand… but it looks like the place is infested and there's no telling what magical traps we'll have to face to get in…
Olimar is disguised as that half-orc dragging Tom behind him to bring him to the crazy wizard inside. He gets inside with no problems but all the sudden there's an all call that they are under attack… suppose our cover is blown! Zeb is breaking down front doors, we've killed a gorilla outside and all hell is breaking loose! I have no idea what's become of Olimar and Tom but I can only hope that they can at least hold their own in there.
Wyverns explode from the roof of the main house, what in the hell is going on?! I'm rushing as fast as I can inside to get to the action… and… is it … over? Everything is a mess… but it seems like I wasn't needed in the first place. Confidence boost. But it looks like we have 1 favor from the strongest wizard in the land now (who is back to his normal self). I… really wish I knew what happened…


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