The Wolves of Bellgrave

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The Wolves of Bellgrave Empty The Wolves of Bellgrave

Post by VtBAMF on Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:20 pm

Met more of my fellow guild mates. The founder of Espial Core Sneaky Pete the sorcerer, a ranger named Willow, Fred the monk, and a roguish kobold...i forget his name. We were hired by a village council in Bellgrave to rid some wolf trouble. Their town wizard disappeared leaving way for a wolf epidemic. No villager could profit on sheep, for they would be eaten before they made it back to town. Seemed simple enough.

We headed out coming across two shepherds feeding their sheep next to a river near Bellgrave. We told them we'd protect their sheep if trouble came and what do you know trouble came. One sheep fell victim to the wolves but not before we killed one of them in return. We accompanied the shepherds back to town with the remaining sheep.

Knowing the strength of the wolves, we laid a bait of sheep for them to take so we could track where they went. My poor sheep, i spent my hard fought money for, were taken by the beasts. We tracked them back to a den with two different looking wolves. One glowed red and the other blue. Out of nowhere fire and lightning were shot at us by the wolves. Bolt and Flame were their names which we learned later. Sneaky Pete took out his Wand of Wonder and lightning bolted the fire wolf, causing a ceasefire from them. We talked over what happened and how they were gifted their abilities. The missing wizard from Bellgrave broke a wand in the middle of the woods, where Bolt and Flame were, causing an explosion of arcane energy imbuing them with powers.

We came to an agreement with Bolt and Flame to relocate them to Whalesview where they could live in peace away from Bellgrave. We inducted Bolt and Flame to Espial Core and they live among us as allies.


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The Wolves of Bellgrave Empty Re: The Wolves of Bellgrave

Post by Kitalla on Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:37 am

The Wolves of Bellgrave
I hear of I wolf problem up in Bellgrave. Surely they are all overreacting since there aren't too many of us adventurers. A group of us, Pete, Fred, Zeb and a new fellow Olimar are traveling, I hear wolves… I suppose I could lead, I can find my way well enough! We've come across some shepherds with their sheep. Olimar has made a deal to watch the sheep so that the shepherds can get some rest, but he just fell atop a sheep using it as a pillow. I guess I'll lay down next to Zeb and take a nap myself, there's plenty of us up and around.
My goodness, I open my eyes to a wolf attack?! How did we have no warning?! We managed to kill one but we lost a sheep. No wonder the shepherds want to go to town, they lose sheep so easily! At least I got some hide from the wolf and some entertainment out of this sheep riding on Zeb back into town.
Zeb has climbed on my back again, and the town is so quiet. We can't even get a soul to speak to us… maybe its because of Zeb? I have no idea how we can help these people when they won't even talk to us to tell us what they need help with or anything more about the wolves around here. Maybe we can set a trap for the wolves, we know there's a reward so… I suppose we can just kill the wolves and collect our money. Not too much talking involved there.
So… looks like we're buying some sheep to use as bait… I guess we just hang out at the edge of the woods and wait for one to be captured and follow to find out where they're going. I'll just wait here… for… a while… zzzzz
Oh hey, sheep are gone… lets get tracking! There's wool everywhere with these tracks… I hate to say it but … those sheep are history. There's an owlbear that just… pushed past us all like he was scared… he was certainly injured… but what could he have been so afraid of… that was random.
I've managed to track the wolves to their cave… the sheep are certainly dead… and it looks like a good 8 or so outside and no telling how many are inside.
Seems their two "leaders" want us to leave. The male has a red aura around him and the female a blue aura. And they … speak common, albeit broken common. "Leave." As we refuse, we're hit by a blast of fire… this wolf… breathes FIRE! And lightning from the blue one?! What gives?!

Zeb is running, Fred is running… Pete is down… all after one hit from each of them!? These guys are no joke, no wonder the city is having so many issues! I've managed to hit that fire wolf, but I've got to get Pete up. I can't see Zeb anymore and managed to help Pete up. He shoots a fantastic lightning bolt and that fire wolf is down! Way to go!
The female is standing over her mate asking us to stop. There's a lot of talking as I'm trying to gaze around in search of Zeb and wait… is Pete healing the wolf?! I guess… we're going in a cave… with wolves to "solve" this problem with the city… I hope its no trap.
Sounds like they got their magic powers as a fluke from some wizard. He was apparently walking through the woods and messed up his wand that exploded in his face. Next thing they knew, they had these powers and were able to talk! So they've just been taking what they need with their newfound power to do so.
Fred wants to take the wolves to town and make a truce… but we've decided its best to bring the wolves back with us to Whalesview. We have a nice little goblin cave they can shack up in and we could use some more unique members in the guild. The town can work on some collars with the guild banner on them and those pups are all learning common! Now the townspeople of Whalesview can feel safer whenever they hear the howls of wolves at night!


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