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Post by Slagathor on Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:07 pm

Slagathor’s Adventure Manifesto
I started my adventure with meeting 2 people one of them being a very strong women ranger and the other an odd looking Monk named Fred. The woman was right off the bat very untrusting of me. Who could blame her really I was a dawarf and we all know how people feel about dwarfs and them taking people off the side of the rode to turn them into slaves bit. The women ranger also looked very malnourished almost to the point that a stiff wind would knock her out. The second fellow looked like any normal monk as far as I could tell.
The mission was to find the rangers friend. I thought it would be a great place to start for my first adventure.

Day 1
From the get go we decided to split the party one of us staying in town on a fact finding mission while the other two of us out searching for the rangers friend. I thought it would be a bad thing if I stay in town due to me being a dwarf. So Fred elected himself for the fact finding mission. I thought it was a great idea who’s more trust worthy then a monk. The ranger and I parted ways from Fred on a mission to find her friend. Straight out the gate we ran into some humanoid frog creatures. Which I thought was off because I know they need water to live and yet there was not any deep source of water from where I could see. The ranger and I quickly dealt with those creates and kept moving on with our journey. I might have almost set the plains on fire but let’s not worry about that. We continued our journey and just over a hill we spotted some people digging a deep whole. Not sure why. I started to speak to the ranger to strategies but from her loud mouth arguing with me they overheard us. I offered a hand in digging hoping I could find out information from these fellows. I’m a big fan of digging. They accepted my offer. I moved down and they slowly surrounded me. If only I remembered what Admiral Akbar said to me so many times before “It’s a trap”. The odds looked bleak but the ranger and I still came on top. We even managed to keep one of the near dowels alive to interrogate. From the information we gathered we found out they were hired by Kyrail to protect people from the keep. Unable to get any more information out of him the scumbag hung himself. We met up with Fred who had a very successful fact finding mission. We had book providing a map to the keep and know there were some pretty nice treasure in there. The Ranger was kind enough to let me use this very nice looking axe battle for a trade of keeping her alive. I thought it was fare and one of the reasons I became an adventure is to help keep the guild members alive. So a win win in my book.

Day 2
A druid joined our party as we made our way to the keep. The keep was very big and had many rooms. We slowly went room to room on the first floor killing any villain that stood in our way. I kept lending guidance to Fred in a swift slapass of the Foss. I did not find much treasure besides a few gold pieces. We came to one room in particular that looked strangely like a torture dungeon. Again we quickly made work of the goblins and hobgoblins. As I feared the ranger got hit and quickly fell to the floor. I of course brought her back and got her back to her feet. Fred found a goblin that promised to help lead us through the first floor. He became our guide leading us around even through a secret hall way that lead to the leader of the goblins. Fred was quite stealthy and assassinated the goblin leader. It almost felt like he has been doing it his whole life. From that we believed that the only good treasure would be with the leader of the goblins. We moved on to the second floor spotting some ruins on the floor believing they would be traps. I did the honorable thing is move to the left passage looking down seeing some zombies that have not spotted me. I blocked the way allowing the other party members to jump over the ruin. Suddenly sirens went off and the zombies started to come at me. I felt like I was in a lot of trouble as the zombies slowly started to surround me. The new battle axe the ranger gave me came in handy cutting through the zombies like butter. We narrowly survived. The druid found a secret armory with a plaque on the rite wall with a riddle. I knew right away that if we solved the riddle we that the spell would lift and would reveal something really nice. But the down fall is we only have so many tries and if we fail the magical item will be lost forever. On the bright side we found solved it on our second try. It was a kick ass armor. The druid immediately took it and put it on. I am starting to get the feeling the Druid is all about him and not much for helping the party. From a long day and being worn out we decided to make our way back to town to rest up before exploring the rest of the keep. We arrived back to town to find out its in trouble. There’s a zombie brake out in a nearby cemetery. We offered our services to help so they would let us in.
Day 3
From being well rested we decided to hold up our end of the bargain for the town. We made our way to the cemetery running into many zombies. I believed I was earning the Rangers trust since I kept her alive. She let me use this cast iron armor. I felt pretty untouchable in it but rather slow. I quickly started chopping down the zombies with my handy dandy battle axe. The monk and ranger did not do to well. They quickly were overwhelmed. I drove the zombies back as I garbed my holy relic and channeled the Foss through it to drive back the zombies. I noticed a swirling vortex thing on the ground in the graveyard. I realized that was the cause and if it could be disrupted the zombies would fall. The ranger quickly ran over and ground pounded to disrupt the vortex. The remaining zombies fell and we found a note mentioning a secret password for the followers of Kyrail. We headed back to town saving the day. We rested up and headed for the keep in the morning.

Day 4
We reached the room with the sigils on the floor with little to no resistance. We slowly moved deeper into the keep running into a few enemies such as vampires. With the battle axe I quickly cut them in two. We reached a room with a grate on the floor and blood dripping down into it. We saw some enemies retreat and new we had to follow. Fred and I made it to the ground safely. Unfortunately the ranger and the helpful guiding goblin hit the ground hard. They were passed out clinging to life. Once I had a moment to look around the room I could tell that they had a portal trying to bring an evil deity into this world and I could not have that. I healed the ranger and unfortunately was not able to save the goblin. We slowly started taking out the minions as Kyrail laughed and started mentally torturing us by bringing back the goblin and having us kill him over and over. I would was trying my best and kept cutting into Kyrail with my battle axe but he would not fall. I could tell it was coming to an end. Kyrail offered Fred if he left in the middle of the battle he would bring back his goblin friend. Fred made the right choice and stabbed Kyrail to finish him off. The only thing left was the portal that’s partially opened. We tried as a team to close it but were un successful. We returned home knowing that Kyrail is dead but aware of a much scarier creature let loose to the world lying in wait for another adventure.

Slagathors guide to a successful mission
1. Keep party members alive.
2. Provide guidance with the slapass of Foss
3. Keep one self-alive
4. Provide guidance with the salpass of Foss
5. Kill enemies
6. Provide guidance with the salpass of Foss
7. Get better equipment
8. Provide guidance with the salpass of Foss
9. Gold
10. Provide guidance with the salpass of Foss


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