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Post by Kitalla on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:19 am

Where's Douven Staul?

I've met this dwarf, Slagathor. Interesting fellow… but I can't trust him. What is a dwarf doing adventuring around these parts… was he with that caravan that tried to take me? There's also Fred… some "former assassin" yeah… that one… I'm completely skeptical… why would you choose the life of a monk if you were such a good assassin? Makes no sense to me!

Well, either way, Slagathor and I are looking for Douven while Fred tries to gain some more info in town on future adventures for the guild. The grass on the way down is still super muddy… it still hasn't cleared from the great flood. Looks like this place will be quite a beautiful grassland in time.
Whoa! Sahagains?! Where did they pop out from!? What are they doing here? I've tried speaking to them but they're just coming at me! This will not stand, I'll have to take them out! Looks like the dwarf is having a little trouble with the second one though… I suppose I'll help him for now… He may come in handy while I try to find my friend.

Well… I think we've made it… now to try to sneak around… seriously?! Don't argue with me Dwarf I have no business trusting your kind… and great… now they've spotted us. it’s ALL your fault. Wait… you're… just going to help them dig… are you insane?! What did you expect to happen… you're digging your own grave and now I'm going to have to save you… maybe dwarves are all brain damaged and that’s why they do what they do.

Oh good, he's killed something… aaand another club to the face for me… I mean really… what's with the fking clubs?! That should teach him better than to hit me again… if only his little friends would learn. Wait… his name is "Agarid the loyal" he has a fking nametag… ok Agarid, I don't know who this Kalarel is that you're talking about but you're coming with us. Looks like they were digging a hand mirror up… and I found Douven unconscious… I'm so glad we got here in time! What would have happened if we hadn't!?

He's given me this precious locket… of course he can take the picture of his wife out! I couldn't possibly keep that too! Thank you Douven! Agarid is still being dragged by the dwarf… I wonder if he's going to come-to by the time we reach the town… I do have questions.

We made it! And he's still out. Everyone is quiet, so odd… there's no one around … maybe Fred uncovered some nasty information? That must be our next stop after questioning in the guild hall… now… I guess the dwarf can go first. I should see what I can find out.

Not two seconds out of the room and Agarid is dead… good job dwarf, you let him kill himself before we even got to ask questions?! I just can't believe I'm still trying to trust you!!! And here I am… giving you Cast Iron's axe… so we can try not to die in the attempt to gain money and other riches in this world.


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