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Gods: The gods of Faskal are not like you typical gods, they earn the title of god because of them just being the greatest being in their respected field. Usually they were all created by the first/most powerful/forgotten god Archi. Then the gods wanted to prove their strength to each other so they made the rest of the being on Faskal.
After the creation of the first lesser gods (Ouranos = sky, Neo = water, Vracho = rock) two more lesser gods of equal strength were born into the world (Fos = light & Skotadi = Dark). Then almost in a battle of showboatness and pride they would pair up and with their combined powers create the other, more openly worshiped, gods of Faskal.
Ouranos paired with Neo created Fysi.
Vracho paired with Fos created Kataskevi / Vracho paired with Skotadi created Ktinodis
Fos and Vracho created Prosarmogi
Fysi paired with Prosarmogi created Kairos
Prosarmogi paired with Ktinodis created Ploutos
And lastly, and most confusingly to the other god, Telos the god of the End seemed to just come from nowhere but his power was never questioned by the others.

1. Archi – Greek for Beginning
a. The first god, created the world of Faskal while sleeping. It is feared that the whole world is just his dream and that if he was to ever wake up all that is would vanish from what we understand to be reality.
b. Alignment = Neutral
c. Characteristics = Unknown
d. Form = Unknown
e. Followers = almost forgotten, and those that do know of his existence fear the day he wakes, and try to keep him asleep more so than worship him.

2. Ouranos – Greek for Sky
a. One of the original 3 gods made by Archi to watch over his creation. As god of the sky he is one of the most notable by the surface world and has had a major role in the creation of the Draconic races.
b. Alignment = Chaotic
c. Characteristics = Vengeful, forceful, demanding, short tempered
d. Form = usually takes on the form of a giant White/Cloud Dragon, whose breath weapon is a combination of the different weather elements.
e. Followers = usually only the Draconic Races openly worship Ouranos, and all other followers are shunned by the rest of society. That’s not to say they don’t exists, they have a cult following that wishes to bring Ouranos back from the sky to rule the surface and hopefully gain enough favor in the process to be held higher than the rest of the mortal races.

3. Nero – Greek for Water
a. One of the original 3 gods made by Archi to watch over his creation. As god of the waters he has much more influence on the surface world than meets the eye.
b. Alignment = Neutral
c. Characteristics = docile, patience, reserved, hidden, will make sacrifices if it benefits the masses rather than the individual
d. Form = takes on the form of a giant whale, as large as the landmasses themselves.
e. Followers = underwater races fear Nero, due to his massive size and strength more than anything else. Saylors and Fishermen are known to send quick prayers his way before setting sale. But most people don’t worship, or at least openly, Nero due to their fear of another flood.

4. Vracho – Greek for Rock
b. Alignment = Lawful
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = takes on the form of a giant tortoise, where the mountain ranges along the top of the world are his scales on his spine
e. Followers = the world itself can give credit to Varcho for shaping its landmasses into the forms they are in currently. Giants and other extremely old races with some intelligence worship him and usually their followers wage war/combat with the followers of Ouranos

Skotadi – Greek for Dark
b. Alignment = Evil
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = takes on the form of a seeming normal Bone Demon, average height/weight/appearance, but with power unfathomable.
e. Followers = Skotadi, credited with the creation of the moon, is feared for creating the evil in the world. Werewolf, vampires, Liches, and other unspeakable horrors worship him.

Fos – Greek for Light
b. Alignment = Good
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = takes on the form of an old human male, seemingly frame and malnourished, when walking among the people. But when it’s time to impose his will becomes a 8’ tall angel humanoid with a 6’ long great sword.
e. Followers = Fos, credited with the creation of the sun, is revered as the embodiment of good and charity. Those that worship Fos are always looking for wrongs to be undone and ways to improve life for Faskal for all its races and people.

Ktinodis – Greek for Brutal
b. Alignment = Chaotic Evil
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = takes on the form of a Rusted four armed Construct with plentiful sharp corners in its geometric design. Carries four scimitars.
e. Followers = given credit for the creation of Orcs, Ktinodis is revered as one of the more forceful/aggressive gods. Usually his followers show the same traits.

Fysi – Greek for Nature
b. Alignment = Neutral Good
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = takes on the form of an Elk with antlers entwined in such a way that when the sun/moon passes through it, the shadow casted from it forms an Elven Warrior that can fight with her
e. Followers = Wild life with enough intelligence or wisdom to understand the greater beings, gnomes, fairies, sprits, Druids with a strong relationship with nature, and elves are the most common worshipers of Fysi.

Prosarmogi – Greek for Adaptation
b. Alignment = Neutral
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = for Prosarmogi his true from is hard to tell, as no one has seen it. For he is a shape shifter and never sits in one form to long. It’s rumored that even Prosarmogi doesn’t know his true form.
e. Followers = Prosarmogi is known for the creation of humans, Halflings and civilizations. Other than humans, Halflings, or half races (half orc/half elf), no one else rally worships Prosarmogi

Kairos – Greek for Weather
b. Alignment = Neutral Chaotic
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = Kairos likes to take the form of a Gnome sleeping on the clouds as they roll by in the sky. It’s said that the different weather has a direct correlation to his emotional state.
e. Followers = Famers, sailors, and others whose jobs rely on weather to some degree. Also some lizard/toad/frog folk are known to worship Kairos in hopes to bring more rain to their homelands.

Telos – Greek for End
b. Alignment = Neutral lawful
c. Characteristics =
d. Form =Telos takes the form of a solid black dog, about pit bull in size, when people die is said that Telos acts like a guide dog; leading the deceased to their final resting place.
e. Followers = mostly followed by people in charge of handling the dead, grave yard workers and such, but also by those that seek self-realization with the understanding that all must end at some point.

Ploutos – Greek for Wealth and Pleasures
b. Alignment = Neutral Chaotic
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = takes on the form of a rather large half elf, large as in girth and short in stature. With coin purse tied around his neck like jewelry.
e. Followers = Politicians, nobles, merchants, entertainers, followers of the arts, and anyone looking to gain vast wealth or fame

Kataskevi – Greek for Construction
b. Alignment = Neutral
c. Characteristics =
d. Form = takes on the form of a giant ivory casted Dwarf, about 7’6”. Though he was first discovered in his lair actualy studying the arts of stone-crafting to bring life into his creations. Even though it appears to be made of ivory it is insanely heavy, more so than solid ivory should be. And wielding a dwarven Warhammer carved in the appearance of Whelm (the rare magical dwarven Warhammer, rumored to be made by Kataskevi himself) It is rumored that he used to be mortal and became a god through his sheer mastery of creations, eventual breathing life into his works.
e. Followers = Dwarfs, artisans, and craftsmen are the most common worshipers. Kataskevi is given the credit for shaping dwarfs into being from the earth itself.

Adrian and Kenny (aka) Oi Theoí Tou Politismoú – Greek for the Gods of Civilization

a. Was created by two individuals with enough power to shape the world, each with the desire to lead nations to thrive and succeed. Though in two very different styles.
b. Alignment = 2 One half is Cahotic Good willing to do what is needed to Save the people the other is Lawful Evil and willing to do what is needed to Lead the people
c. Characteristics = to learn more about this read the character histories of Adrian, Theo, Slagathor, and others of that adventuring crew.
d. Form = takes on the form of the scales of justice where each of their respective views is portrayed in a reflecting pool in either side of the scale.

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