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Post by Admin on Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:11 pm

Player’s introduction.

This style of D&D is a diametric opposite of a normal weekly game:      

  1. There is no regular time: every session will be scheduled by the players      
  2. There is no regular party: each game will have different players drawn from the pool of players registered to this forum
  3. This is a sandbox style od D&D, there will be very little regular plot due to the players deciding on where to go and what to explore.

The motivation behind this style of play being created is due to all of us having complex life schedules but an understanding that we all still want to play D&D in a continues format to keep our characters and watch them/the world grow.        

  • By having the players create the schedule for when they want to get together and explore the world, we can create flexible playtimes and flexible groups. Meaning those that want to play and can, will, and those that need to wait for a bit can without holding up the rest of the party/group.
  • A secondary effect of this will also nip DM procrastination in the bud. Sometimes a DM will put off running an adventure they are planning do to not being full prepared by their standards. With this style of play it forces DM’s to be more flexible when it comes to running adventures.  

Setting: The world we are playing in was made by the admins of this page and there is no information about it anywhere else online (ATM), the world is called Faskal and adventurers will start off in the small town of Whaleview *point 30 on the world map. Here all people in this group are part of the same Faction known as “Espial Core.”
Espial Core makes its money and gets its renown due to the lack of adventures in the world, it’s a rather unsafe profession and everyone tends to stick to civilized lands or the road in between them.  For short hand sake, towns are 95% of the time safe zones and the wild/wilderness is where all the glory is to be had.
The territory is very detailed. The landscape is broken up into a variety of regions each with its own particular tone, ecology, and hazards. There are dungeons, ruins, and caves all over the place, some big and many small. Some are known by landmarks and others are completely unknown and only discovered by exploring. PCs get to explore anywhere they want, the only rule being that there are none/few adventures in towns/civilized lands. The environment is dangerous. Very dangerous. That’s intentional because “danger unites.” PCs have to work together or they will get destroyed and should also think and pick their battles – since they pick where they want to go, there is nothing stopping them from strolling into areas that will wipe them out. Players that refuse to learn when to retreat or be careful will be rolling up new characters.
Players will need to learn and adapt to the “Living World” around them. The players are weak but central: they are small fish in a dangerous world that they have to explore with caution, but since they are the only adventures they never play second fiddle.

Scheduling: players are in control The adventures only happen when the players decide to do something – the players initiate all adventures and it’s their job to schedule games and organize an adventuring party once they decide where to go.  The DM’s will post some forum thread about rumors players have heard, locations of known dungeons, and exploration style adventures. Then players will have to post and comment to each other trying to find players that want to go on the same adventure they do, once they have a decent size party (about 3-4) they invite a DM to run it for them and discuss a time/place to do so.

  • Negotiations will happen, you may have players that want to go but can’t due to scheduling, this will happen. But this will simulate sitting around a tavern when adventures decide on where to go and who’s all going.
  • Some hard scheduling rules are as follows

    • A DM must be available on the day(s) the adventure is scheduled to be played.
    • Players must remind a DM a 3 to 4 days in advance, so they have time to prepare for the adventure at hand
    • You may not adventure with the exact same group for more than 2 full adventures in a row. This is here to promote inclusion between the players in this forum and hopefully create the feeling that this is a Faction of adventures and not just the same group of players getting into a weekly rut.
      All other decisions are up to the players – they fight it out among themselves.

Sharing Info: most important feature of this game. The success of this will be players sharing information with each other. Because there is such a large pool of players, the average player will be in about a third of the games played. Add in that each player was in a random combination of session to a living world and pretty quickly each player is seeing a unique fraction of the game. No one will have the same gaming experience, which sounds philosophically interesting but is bad news if you want everyone to feel like they are in the same game. Sharing information is essential to keeping everyone on the same page and in the same game.

  • There are two main ways players will share information with each other
    Game summaries and a Shared Map

    • Game Summaries = players are strongly encouraged to chat about their adventures between games. Theoretically, this will mirror chat between friends at a tavern chatting/bragging about their accomplishments. Players that write up game summaries after their gaming sessions will receive special “tokens” that can be redeemed for in game awesome “stuff” from buffs to magical items. Also every player in the adventure is encouraged to do a write up not just one person.

      • There will be a forum thread for players to post game summaries about their latest adventure.
      • This will hopefully let those unable to go not only learn about the changes in the living world but also feel part of the experience even if they couldn’t be there in person.

    • Shared Map = The DM will bring the same map to every adventure ran, players are allowed to take notes on it, mark locations, treasure, hard monsters, etc. on it.

    After each adventure the “updated” map will be uploaded to its forum thread. Will the map be 100% accurate? Probably not but the players will have a hand in sculpting the world around them.  Any questions just ask me directly (text/email/furom) and I will get back to you ASAP. Happy Gaming


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